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Two exams within the curriculum of the MSc program "AI for Business and Finance" were conducted in partnership with the TechnoMagicLand team. The students presented their projects on two business cases developed together with the team of the interactive center for science and technology. The projects were evaluated by an expert committee, including Associate Professor Dr. Boryana Bogdanova and a representative of the organization - Alexey Potebnia.


Students demonstrated their skills and knowledge in the field of processing and knowledge extraction from large data sets, using the latest technologies and methods for analyzing big data and interpreting the obtained results. Their projects demonstrated some useful practical applications of big data analytics and highlighted the potential benefits for the company.

Associate Professor Dr. Boryana Bogdanova, Director of the MSc "AI for Business and Finance", evaluated the projects and gave feedback to the students on the technical and analytical side of the assignments. She emphasized the importance of the tech and analytics competences in the modern world and encouraged students to continue learning and exploring new applications in the field.

Alexey Potebnia was impressed by the high level of innovation and creativity shown by the students. He praised their ability to extract business insights from complex data and expressed his confidence in their future success in this field. He has significant experience in marketing management and over 3 years in marketing management of TechnoMagicLand.