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On May 19 Ventsislav Kasamski, Business Development Director of MODIS – Bulgaria, was a guest lecturer at the master’s program “Outsourcing of projects and companies”. His interactive presentation drew students' attention to the interesting question “What do we sell – a product, a service or a solution?”. The strategy of the sales process largely depends on the answer to this question.


Along with interesting questions about the structure of the sales process, sales channels, growing challenges, the speaker presented the concept of “customer success”. To achieve the desired results, in modern organizations the function “customer Success” is established – people and units constantly analyze the available information about the customer to help manage the relationship with him. The differentiation of this activity gives better chances to predict the customer's behavior, including the opportunities and chances for him to become a long-term partner of the trader.

Ventsislav Kasamski's guest lecture was attended by many examples from his rich professional experience.