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On May 21, Galina Katsarska, a professional in the field of human resources management and career counseling, visited the students from the master’s program “Management and Entrepreneurship”, “Career Counseling” course.


Fascinating, imaginative and with many examples from practice, Galina Katsarska led the listeners along the paths of career counseling.

“You don’t feel well and go to your doctor's office. However, you find three doctors there. They look at you and the first doctor says: I understand that you need a doctor, you don't look good at all. The second doctor turns to the first: She looks good to me. The third doctor addresses you with the words: What and where exactly hurts you? How long have you been feeling like this? – He listens to you carefully and says: several tests must be done before assessing your condition. Which of the three doctors would you trust?”

Along with the useful practical steps we took together, the focus of the presentation was critical thinking.