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The VMware team developed and conducted a specialized application course “Analytical data visualization”. The students listening to the course were transferred through all stages, which includes the work on a real analytical project, after which they were divided into teams. Each team works under the mentorship of established professionals and has acquired applied knowledge and skills in the context of a real case.


During the course, students learned how to ask the right informative questions, plan resources, access and build the necessary data set, build analytical models and develop data visualization to convey their analysis and recommendation on a predetermined topic. During the first part of each session, the lecturers share their knowledge in the form of a lecture, and the second part is dedicated to teamwork to apply the knowledge and move the whole project forward. The course has both theoretical and practical sides.

The course ended with presentations of visualizations in the Tableau of student development and in-depth analysis, and each team received constructive feedback from the business.


The management of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration thanks the VMware team for the donated course and the provided teaching materials and resources for it. Thanks to Severina Mangusheva (Senior BI Analyst), Kalin Hristov (Lead BI Analyst), Yordan Ivanov (Lead BI Analyst), Vladislav Stoynov (Business Analyst), Elena Stoyanova (Product Manager), Yana Frangelska (Data Scientist), Maria Hristova Data Scientist) for the time, effort, energy and enthusiasm they put into developing and running the course.