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On October 23 and 24, Ch. Assist. Prof. Dr. Orlin Kolev gave lectures to students in the master's program "Economics and Management of Public Resources" in the discipline "Constitutional Foundations of State Power".


The course provides in-depth theoretical and applied knowledge to students about:

  • the principles and constitutional bases of the organization and functioning of the state power;
  • the system and hierarchy of sources of law;
  • the essence and functions of the Constitution;
  • the supremacy and direct effect of the Constitution;
  • the relations and interactions between national constitutional law, public international law and European Union law;
  • the form of government;
  • the separation of powers;
  • political pluralism;
  • the system of institutions of state power and the relations between them in the light of the principle of separation of powers and the values ​​of constitutional democracy;
  • the competence of state bodies;
  • the powers and acts of the higher institutions of state power;
  • the peculiarities of the Bulgarian model of parliamentary government;
  • the functions, powers and acts of the highest institutions of state power - the National Assembly, the President, the Council of Ministers, the judiciary, the Constitutional Court.

The course provides necessary and up-to-date knowledge of modern understandings and concepts of constitutional law doctrine and public law theory and practice. The course provides important theoretical and extremely useful practical knowledge about the functions and powers of the legislature, executive and judiciary, the presidential institution, the Constitutional Court and local governments in the context of the principles of the Bulgarian model of parliamentary governance and others.