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On June 1st, Ivan Georgiev was a guest speaker in the Management of Outsourcing Projects and Companies’ course. In his last lecture for the academic year at the Sofia University, he presented the topic of Effective Communication in Business.

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The virtual presentation started with some theory on the two types of communication and their differences – Interpersonal vs. Situational. Then, our CEO gave some tips to making a good first impression in business such as asking relevant questions, talking with confidence and clear diction, visualizing your words with a clear presentation and having a well-structured message.

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Ivan Georgiev also explained the four major types of behavior in Psychology of Communication what they mean and which ones should we aim for while building our first impression. For the communication to be effective it also is crucial to know where to position yourself in a meeting and to understand and respect the hierarchy through space organization. Reading space occupation will help one be more informed and therefore to anticipate behavior. The information and tips presented by our CEO could be used in both a formal and non-formal environment to practice effective communication.