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  • Lecturer
  • Primary School Education
  • Project-based Approaches in Education
  • Teacher-student Interaction

Bachelor degree

  • Primary School Education
  • Project-based Approaches in Education
  • Pedagogy of Leisure Time; seminars in Pedagogy
  • Management of Educational Groups and Environments
  • Primary School Educational Process Research
  • National Identity of Primary School Students
Research students  
Selected publications
  • Yotova, S., Varbanova, S., Koseva, M. (2006) Romas as an Object of Social Research – Approaches and Problems. School Adaptation of Roma Children Enrolled in Mixed Bulgarian-Roma Classes. - Annual Book of SU, (coauthor).
  • Koseva, M. (2008) Evaluating the Quality of Teacher`s Work. In: 120 Years of University Pedagogy. Between Tradition and new Realities. Sofia
  • Koseva, M. (2010) Organization of the Learning Environment in Primary School. In: Contemporary Teaching between Theory and Practice. Sofia
  • Koseva, M. (2016) The Teacher's Authority - between Role and Personality. In: Pedagogy and Social Work in the 21st Century - Challenges and Perspectives. Sofia
  • Koseva, M. (2018) Multiple Intelligences Theory: an Application in Primary School. In: Child and Pedagogy. Sofia
  • Koseva, M. (2019) The Teacher`s Authority in the Perceptions of High School Students and Teachers. Annual of SU, Vol. 112
  • Koseva, M. (2019) The Sense of Belonging to the Homeland as an Aspect of the National Identity of the Pupils at Primary School. Pedagogy, 9.


  • English, Russian, German
  • m.koseva@fp.uni-sofia.bg