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  • Lecturer



  • Health education
  • healthy use of the internet
  • leisure hygiene and a healthy daily routine
  • mental health



Behavior Degree

  • Theory of education
  • Social Activities and Education
  • Working with Extracurricular Institutions
  • Health and gender education
  • Organizing adult education courses
  • Pedagogy
  • Organizing non-formal education courses



  • School hygiene, mental health of children and adolescents, health and sex education and upbringing, family health education, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, Internet addiction of children, non-formal education, etc.

Research students




Selected publications


  • Berjuhi Yordanova, The Mental Health of Children and their Alienation in the Family, In: Alienation in Modern Bulgarian Society, Editor / s: Maxim Mizov, Publisher: Avangard Prima, 2019, pp: 289-293, ISSN (print): 978 -619-239-151-5
  • B. M. Yordanova, G. K. Krasteva, Preventive Education and Upbringing for the Prevention of Internet Addiction in Children, SCIENCE - EDUCATION - PROFESSION: SYSTEM PERSONAL AND DEVELOPING APPROACH, publisher: “Pero” 2019, 2019, p. 147- 151
  • Berjuhi Yordanova, Svetlana Angelova, Current Standards for Healthy Eating of Pupils, 130 Years of University Pedagogy, Publisher: Prosveta-Sofia AD, 2018, pp. 426-434
  • Berdzhuhi Yordanova, Svetlana Angelova, HEALTH-SAVING EDUCATION AND FORMATION OF A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE OF BULGARIAN CHILDREN, “Personal-professional and career development: current research and foresight projects”, editor / and: L.M. Mitina, Publishing House: Feather, 2018, pp. 109-111
  • Berjuhi Yordanova, The Role of the Teacher for Forming a Healthy Lifestyle in Primary School Age, 130 Years of University Pedagogy, Publisher: Prosveta-Sofia AD, 2018, pp. 419-425
  • Berjuhi Yordanova, Svetlana Angelova, Anthology: Non-Formal Education "Current Principles of Approaches and Policies for Health Study", St. Kliment Ohridski IM, Sofia, Ref, Reviewed
  • Berjuhi Lefterova, Health Education in the Family through the Look of Students, Annual of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", issue: 109, publishing: University Publishing House "St. Kliment Ohridski", 2016, pp. 146-168.



  • English




  • berdjuhi@fp.uni-sofia.bg
  • phone 02 9308 568, 02 9308 296