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  • Dean
  • Adult education
  • Community social work
  • Intercultural education
  • Children rights

Bachelor degree

  • Andragogy
  • Children’s rights
  • Community social work
  • Civil sector and municipal social services

Master degree

  • Adult education
  • Continuing education and development
  • Education on children rights
  • Team work
  • Work in an interactive educational environment
  • Education of adults with different ethnic background
  • Social work with ethnic and minority groups

Participation in a current research projects:

  • “Flying university” – project of the Association of the UN in Bulgaria on education on children’s rights
  • “Teacher’s training for the needs of cosmetics association” – project of the National association of beauticians in Bulgaria.
  • Organizational culture in the boarding-schools and other socio-pedagogical organizations” – project on research section of the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Additional research activity:

  • Role and possibilities of an out of class activities for students for increasing of school attractiveness
Research students  
Selected publications
  • Bozhilova, V. (co-author). Career Development Manual for consultants working with youth with fewer opportunities. Leonardo da Vinci project, S., 2004.
  • Gurova, V., V. Bozhilova, G. Dermendgieva, V. Valkanova. Interactivity in education. S., 2006.
  • Gurova, V., V. Bozhilova . The magic of the team work. S., 2006.
  • Bozhilova, V. Terms of reference and stages of community social work – “Cycle of community development”. Problems of the social work. Education, practice and scientific research. S., 2007.
  • Bozhilova, V. Concepts and stages of research within the community, Annual of the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Book “Social activities”, vol. 101 of the Faculty of education, 2008.
  • Gurova, V., V. Bozhilova. Teacher’s portfolio. S., 2008.
  • English, Russian
  • v.bozhilova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
  • 02 9308 296