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  • Lecturer
  • Prevention and correction of deviant behaviour

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Methods of Educational Work
  • Preventive Pedagogy
  • Family and Deviant Behaviour
  • Social Work with Children in Institutions like Boarding Schools
  • Social Work with People with Deviant and Delinquent Behavior
  • Pedagogy
  • Practice in Special Institutions for Children

Master’s Degree

  • Methods of Preventive and corrective-educational work
  • Family Interactions and Deviant Behaviour
  • Theory and Methodology of Education
  • Family Social Work
  • Institutional Childcare

Participation in Projects


  • Preventive activities with students related to drug use and abuse
  • Social work (training of staff in Bulgarian children's homes and special schools, in the care of children in extra-curricular activities)
  • Methods for preventive activity with children and young people against behavioral deviations
  • Aggressiveness at school and social-pedagogical interactions
  • School and out-of-school pedagogical activities with refugees in Bulgaria
  • Organizational culture in socio-pedagogical organizations of boarding and non-boarding type
  • Basic Pedagogical Problems in Schools with increasing Number of Children from Ethnical Minorities.Humanization and Democratization of Education in Universities.
  • Attitudes of children at risk of drug use toward family, friends and school
  • Children's Court in Bulgaria - Myth and/or Reality
  • Work with children at risk
  • Social worker, Client, Environment - in focus of the methodology of social services
  • Young people's readiness for family life and parenting
Research students
  • Valentina Marinova, Structure and functions of families with child who use psychoactive substances
  • Desislava Tsankova, Prevention of violence among minors in the actions of the police officer, specialized for working with children
Selected publications
  • Manasieva, T. Pedagogical functions of institutionalized systems for children with deviant behavior, S. 1997
  • Manasieva, T. From the Family to the Educational Boarding School. S., 2003.
  • Tony Manasieva, Goals and results of applying punishment as a method – In: Sofia University Annual, Faculty of education, volume 95, 2003.
  • Manasieva, T. About the difficult children and difficult adults. – In: Schönfelder, H. Müssen Kinder schwierig sein?/ Should Children be difficult? S., 2003.Manasieva, T. Deviant and delinquent behavior of children - basics for prevention and correction, S. 2010
  • Manasieva, T. Family and School in the Common Prevention of Deviations. – In: Preventive Pedagogy as Scientific Knowledge. S., 2003.
  • Manasieva, T. The Conception Mobile Work with Adolescents in Education and Practice of Social work in Bulgaria. – In: http://www.ismo-symposium.com/ismo_german/ismo_frameset_g.htm
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  • Manasieva T. Social worker and client environment: communication social worker - client - family. In: The social worker, the client, the environment - in focus of the methodology of social services, S. 2016
  • Manasieva T. Sozialpädagogische Arbeit mit Jugendlichen im Kontext von geschlossenen Unterbringung und freiheitsentziehenden Maßnahmen in der Republik Bulgarien. In: Minors deprived of liberty/Bases-Institutions-Research-Country reports, Luxembourg 2013
  • German, Russian, English
  • manasieva@fp.uni-sofia.bg