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  • Lecturer
  • Social psychology
  • Mass media communication
  • Social skills training
  • Organizational culture and behavior
  • Empirical research in education

Bachelor’s degree:

  • Pedagogical communication
  • Communicative and behavioral strategies
  • Practicum in experimental pedagogy
  • Practice in Special Institutions for Children

Master’s degree:

  • Social competence in communication
  • International project “Diversity and the European Public Sphere – Towards a Citizen’s Europe” under the 6th FP, Institute of Psychology - BAS as partner country, team leader Assoc. Prof. Yolanda Zografova, PhD
  • 2009–2010 Project „Training programmes for carrier consultants – a model for partnership among students, employers and universities for development of competitive human resources” under the OP „Human Resources Development”, project leader Assoc. Prof. Silvia Tsvetanska
  • Media research
Research students
Selected publications
  • Mizova, B., D. Bakalova (2005). Aggression – a barrier to interpersonal communication. –Psychological Research, 3, 95–101 (in Bulgarian).
  • Stoitsova, T., B. Мizova (2006). Internet – a friend or seducer: Psychology of virtual reality. – In: Proceedings of the Second National Conference of Psychology “Activity and personal adaptation to the social changes”, Blagoevgrad, Vol. I, 94–99 (in Bulgarian).
  • Stoitsova, T., B. Мizova (2008). The role of PR in the development of organizational culture: Internal publics research. – Annual of the Department of Mass Communications, NBU, 2007, e-edition, ISSN 13-10-86-70 (in Bulgarian).
  • Stoitsova, Т., B. Мizova (2008). Specificity of intergeneration communication: Some theory. – Bulgarian Journal of Psychology, Vol. 1–4, Proceedings of the Vth National Congress of Psychology, Sofia, 31.X–02.XI. 2008, 408–414 (in Bulgarian).
  • Mizova, B., M. Bakracheva (2009). Psychological effects and ethical dimensions of media reality. – In: Petrova, E. (Ed.). Proceedings of the VIth National Conference of the Department of Ethics, IPR “Ethics of the Bulgarian Media, Sofia, 199–205 (in Bulgarian).


  • German, English, Russian
  • b.mizova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
  • 02 9308 509