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Seminars in German and English with Heinz Werner


Heinz Werner is founder and partner of HEINZ WERNER GmbH, an internationally operating trading company with own subsidiaries and offices in China, Singapore, South-America and USA. He was very active in Brussels and member of ITC (International Trade Committee) of EuroCommerce and the "Trade defence measures"-group and member of the committees "EU-Enlargement" and "EU-SME-policy" as well as member of "Asia-Pacific-Association” of German industry. He represented BGA in Brussels in the “Social Dialogue Committee” Heinz Werner was Vice president of the board of trustees of the Federation of German Wholesale- and Foreign Trade (BGA) Berlin.


Mr. Werner lived many years in Far East-Asia, establishing and building-up the foreign-trade division of his company.


He studied Economics and World-Trade in Frankfurt and Marketing in Wiesbaden and England. He is travelling extensively worldwide and gives lectures at German and European universities and Universities of applied sciences on EU-Social Policy, International Trade and Management, Globalization and related subjects.


Heinz Werner is author of the book (Fachbuch) “Basiswissen Außenhandel – Global Sourcing: Von der Kontaktaufnahme bis zur Verzollung” and of a book on Europe (Mein Europa – Quo vadis?). Early 2016 his Compactbook „GESCHICHTEN- Zum Nachdenken und Innehalten“ (STORIES – about contemplativeness and pensive moments) has been published.


On behalf of SES – Bonn (Germany) Mr. Werner was sent as Senior Expert to India (Coimbatore – International Business School) and to Romania following teaching assignments


Date Subject Time Language: deutsch/english: d/e

19.02. Monday Basic Economics / Intern. Business 15:15-17:00 h, d room 402, 18:15-20:15 h, e room 316

20.02. Tuesday European Union/Organization: Structure/Chances & challenges; WTO – bi-and multilateral agreements 9:15-11:00 h, e room 420, 16:15-18:00 h, d room 420

21.02. Wednesday SMEs = definition/state-of play/potential; Challenges (from local to global); Intercultural communication 11:15-13:00 h, e room 306, 18:15-19:45 h, e room 302

22.02. Thursday International sourcing (practical exercise); Delivery chains (how to find partners to customs clearance and final sales) 11:15-13:00 h, e room 306, 15:15-17:00 h, d room 303

23.02. Friday Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Sustainability and Corporate governance; Digitization/AI (Impact and Outlook) 13:15-15:00 h, d room 303, 16:15-18:00 h, d room 302

26.02. Monday Skills (definition – new skills); EU-working plan 2016 – 2020 15:15-17:00 h, d room 402, 18:15-20:15 h, e room 316

27.02. Tuesday Trade defensive measures (Anti-Dumping) 10:45-12:00 h, e 524, 16:15-18:00 h, d room 420