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For Second Consecutive Year Alma mater Received the Award of the 24 Hours Daily for the Best Bulgarian University

At a ceremony organized by 24 Hours daily for the second time the awards to the best universities were presented. They were chosen on the basis of their position in the Rating System of the high academic institutions in this country.

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is the leader in the Rating System. The oldest Bulgarian university, which in 2018 will mark its 130th anniversary, came first in 23 major subjects taught to students.

The Rector of the University, Professor Anastas Gerdzhikov, received the award from the Minister of Education and Science, Krasimir Vulchev. “For me, it is an honour to be a Rector of the University which traditionally comes first in the greatest number of major subjects from the overall 52,” Professor Gerdzhikov stated.


“The greatest credit for today’s event goes first to those who prepared the rating, because, over the years Georgi Stoychev put a lot of efforts to gain national recognition of the rating system. At the beginning there was some resistance; some things had to be added. The Rating System is constantly improved and the sources it garners data from are becoming ever more objective,” Professor Gerdzhikov said.

The Rector stressed the great role played by the 24 Hours daily and its support of the Rating System from its very inception. “But 24 Hours daily has performed one special merit and that is that it presents the positive events that take place within the domain of high academic education. Only for the last couple of months three events showed positive aspects of our society. We need to be reminded of that more often,” Professor Anastas Gerdzhikov stressed.

The Rector of Sofia University expressed his gratitude to all the ministers and deputies who supported the development of the Rating System and the changes in the financial model from a number of students to quality improvement. “I would like first to thank Minister Krasimir Vulchev because both at the time when he was not yet in that position and now he put tremendous efforts into it despite the considerable resistance, and managed to convince us that that was the right way for all of us,” the Rector said in conclusion.