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  • Lecturer
  • Managing university laboratory on experimental and vocational pedagogy “Prof. Petar Nojkov”
  • Vocational orientation and guidance, vocational pedagogy, synergy and Synergistic pedagogy, career development, methodology in teaching philosophy courses, Philosophy in Education, Personal Development, Methodological problems in pedagogy and pedagogical research

Bachelor degree

  • Vocational orientation and guidance
  • Vocational pedagogy
  • Career development
  • Methodology in teaching philosophy courses
  • Philosophy in Education
  • Personal Development
  • Concept and design in academic research
  • Monograph in the field in career development, basic methodological approach in contemporary education, synergic open education, globalization and its impact on personality and contemporary education, managing university laboratory on experimental and vocational pedagogy “Prof. Petar Nojkov”
Research students
  • Managing PhD in: 1.2 Pedagogy - Vocational orientation and guidance, vocational pedagogy, Philosophy in Education, and in 1.3 Pedagogy in teaching /methodology in teaching philosophy courses/. 7 graduated PhD students.
Selected publications
  • Rasheva-Merdjanova, Y. Philosophy of Educaion in academic course. Portfolio of philosophizing lovers of education.S, 2018.
  • Rasheva-Merdjanova, Y., /Petkova I./ Vocational Pedagogy in /historical tradition and global perspective/. S., University Publication, 2018.
  • Rasheva-Merdjanova, Y., / Panayotova P./. Philosophy Handbook for Self-development – 8 grade. S, Ekstrem, 2017.
  • Rasheva-Merdjanova, Y., /Gerdjikov S./. Philosophy Handbook in 9 and 10 grade. S, Ekstrem, 2018.
  • Rasheva-Merdjanova, Y. Basic methodological approaches for transverse competence. Just 6+. S. 2014.
  • Rasheva-Merdjanova, Y. Masses and mass education in global environment – in search for identity. S. 2015
  • Rasheva-Merdjanova, Y. Synergetic Philosophy of Education. Synergetic school pedagogy. Synergetic education.S., 2017.
  • Rasheva-Merdjanova, Y. Oceans. Compilation. S.,”Iztok-zapad”, 2014.
  • French, Russian, Bulgarian