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Application deadline: 28th of March 2021


The GATE Institute is seeking to appoint Researchers in 3D City Modeling, Analysis and Simulation, who will be intricately involved in the GATE City Digital Twin project. It is a large interdisciplinary flagship project aims at developing a digital twin platform for designing, testing, applying and servicing the entire lifecycle of the built environment. This ambitious research project will be developed for the first time in Bulgaria. Crucial to its success is the building of semantically enriched 3D model of a city and the further development of the underlying scientific methods and technologies to facilitate the simulation and analysis of city scenarios (urban planning and design, infrastructure development, buildings’ energy performance, air and noise pollution, etc.). Specific semantics will be developed that address city-scale simulation requirements. This may include the development of new or contributions to emerging Application Domain Extensions for CityGML, meaningful integration of data from heterogeneous sources and semantically enrichment with additional data (e.g., social data), design and implementation of relational (i.e., PostGIS) or a graph database (i.e., Neo4j) to store and import/export geospatial data.

We are looking for junior and experienced researchers to build a multidisciplinary team that will go beyond to development of digital replicas and visualizations. The team with a diverse and flexible skillset should explore the full potential of integration of data from all stages of urban development and solving complex problems in urban modelling, simulation, analysis and visualization.


Junior researchers (R1) - Urban Simulations




• Involved in all phases of the CFD workflow, including geometry cleanup/defeaturing, structured-overset grid generation, application of CFD solvers;

• Construct CFD simulations at different levels-of-detail (to support CFD at different urban scales) and ensure that these can be directly used in an urban simulation software;

• Integrate CFD simulations in 3D city models;

• Scientific paper writing;

• Keep up-to-date with latest technology trends;

• Engage in appropriate training and development opportunities.


One or more of the following responsibilities:

• Link domain-specific simulation programs to each other to support rapid prototyping, integrated whole-system level analysis, and model-use during operations;

• Developing applications for visualization of CFD simulation data in augmented reality.


Skills, Experience and Qualifications


• А minimum of bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, applied mathematics, engineering, or in a related discipline;

• Experience working with scripting and programming using Python, Java, C++, Scala, R, or other;

• Strong skills in turbulence modelling, CFD mesh generation in complex 3D geometries;

• Strong prior experience in CFD;

• Experience with OpenFOAM, ANSYS, StarCCM, or other simulation tools;

• Solid oral/written communication and presentation skills in order to explain the outcome of research (and value thereof) to coworkers and peers;

• Ability to prioritize tasks and work on multiple assignments, and a deep desire to find ways to create value and deliver results.

• Fluent English is a must.


Experience with one or more of the following:

• Understanding and experience in using high performance computing and parallel programming;

• Experience in utilizing machine learning methods (neural networks, evolutionary algorithms,) to improve simulation models;

• Proficient in handling large data sets and the ability to analysis and interpret results.


Our offer:

• You will join and collaborate within a team of researchers, but will have the freedom to conduct research in any area within the scope and priorities of GATE, creating new visions for the future;

• You will be provided with numerous opportunities for learning, knowledge exchange and career development, locally and internationally;

• Your research will be supported by an advanced research infrastructure, comprising of the GATE platform and Open Innovation Labs;

• You will have a flexible work schedule and, upon the move to the new premises of GATE – modern and appealing work environment, stirring up creativity and productivity;

• You will be provided with competitive working conditions and salary commensurate with your skills and experience.


How to apply:

To apply for these positions, please send to career@gate-ai.eu:

• A CV detailing previous employments and qualifications.

• A Personal letter of 1-2 pages where you:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Describe your past participation in research and main research results
  • Describe your future goals and future research focus.

• Copies of diplomas for completed education.

• Copies of other diplomas and certificates of qualification.


By applying for these positions, you voluntarily provide your personal data and consent to be processed for the purpose of recruitment and selection of personnel. The processing of your personal data shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), the Personal Data Protection Law and related legal acts in Bulgaria.

Application deadline: 28th of March 2021.


Stages of the contest:

1.The Selection Committee reviews the documents, submitted by the candidates and selects those meeting the requirements of the job, as described in the job profile.

2.Till 02.04.2021 online interviews will be held with the selected applicants.

3.All interviewed candidates will be notified in writing.

4.The successful candidate will be offered a labor contract.


For additional information, please contact: dessislava.petrova@gate-ai.eu