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  • The division is responsible for the construction, development and maintenance of the University computer network support - SUnet, basic software, ensuring the functionality and basic network services there, as well as links to other SUnet university networks and the Internet.
  • Support and development of communication nodes in the three main bases (Lozenets, Rectorate, IV km) and links to remote faculties of the University.
  • Technical assistance, advice and recommendations to maintain and develop the technical, network and software systems and resources in departments and individual units.
  • Support the development and maintenance of the network infrastructure in Sofia in close contact with administrators faculties, departments and individual units.
  • Maintaining the underlying servers - DNS, mail and proxy at the SU area.
  • Ensuring network security and remote access service to SUnet and internet.
  • Administration and maintenance of LAN in UCICT, Development and application of rules and policies for the use of the University communication resources.
  • Design of the network infrastructure as required by the University.