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The Bachelor’s Degree Programme "Accounting, Finance and Digital Applications" is part of the University affiliation program of the CFA Institute. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers eight scholarships for participation in the CFA Program. The Student Scholarship award waives the one-time program enrollment fee, and discounts the exam registration fee to $350, which includes access to the curriculum and all available study tools.

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Students should complete the Student Scholarship Application not later than 20 July 2023 on the platform HERE.

The choice will be made based on the overall student success during the first 5 semesters of the bachelor’s degree program and the motivational letter shortly describing their reasons for pursuing a CFA charter which should be uploaded on the platform during the application process.

Enrollment requirements:

  • 3rd and 4th year students enrolled in “Accounting, finance and digital applications” at Sofia University;
  • The selected exam window must be 11 months or fewer before the graduation month for the bachelor’s degree.
  • Not be currently registered for a CFA Program exam;
  • More details for enrollment requirements: https://www.cfainstitute.org/en/programs/cfa/charter

The winners will be selected in July 2023.