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Prof. Vania Ivanova, PhD



International economics, International finance, International monetary systems, Circular economy and sustainable development, European economic integration


Selected publications:

Ivanova, V. (2022) Circular Economy - Between The Necessary And The Possible, Ed. Avanguard-Prima, Sofia 2022, 250 Pp Isbn 987-619-239-686-2 (In Bulgerien)

Ivanova, V(Ed). E. Sotirova, E. Dimitrova, I. Nakov, A. Petkova(2019) "Opportunities Of The "Green Economy" In Bulgaria And Formation Of A Model Of Socio-Ecological Development". 296 P., Second, Revised Edition, Ed.Avanguard Prima, Sofia 2019 Isbn 978-619-239-220-8, (In Bulgerien)

Slavova, I., Ivanova, V. (2019). "Corporate Environmental Responsibility Within The Circular Economy Context: Opportunities For Development And Sustainability," Economic Alternatives, University Of National And World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria, Issue 2, Pages 184-204, Jun. Issn (Print): 1312-7462,

Sterev, N., Ivanova, V. (2021) Circular Economy: New Opportunities For Growth, In Eurasian Studies In Business And Economics 16/1; Springer, 2021; Pp. 339-359 Issn: 2364-5067

Chipeva, S., Ivanova, V. (2022). Through Circular To Lоw Carbon Economy - Concept And Evidences In The Eu Members - Economic Studies (Ikonomicheski Izsledvania), 31(6), Pp. 23-37, Issn (Online):0205-3292,

Ivanova, V., Slavova, I. (2018) Ecological Transformation In Bulgaria - New Challenges To The Businesses And The Government, European Journal Of Economics And Business Studies, V. 4, N. 2, P. 22-34, Issn 2411-4073 (Online)

Ivanova, V. (2020) Circular Economy: Barriers And Levers Promoting Transformation (Case Study Analysis), Management And Business Research Quarterly, 2020(16) Pp. 14-28, Issn: 2667-6761, Doi: 10.32038/Mbrq.2020.16.02,

Ivanova, V.(2020) Development Of Circular Economy - Opportunities And Impediments, Journal Of Innovative Business And Management Vol 12 N1(2020) Pp.9-17, Issn-1855-6175

Ivanova, V., Chipeva, S.(2021) The Impact Of Green Technologies On Transition To Circular Economy, Management And Business Research Quarterly, 2021, Volume 17,Pp. 55-71, Issn: 2667-6761

Ivanova,V.(2022) Reforming Higher Economic Education In The Eu For Environmental Transformation International E-Journal Of Advances In Education Volume: Viii, Issue: 22, April, 2022 Pp. 85-91 (Int) E-Issn: 2411-1821

Ivanova, V. (2013) Eco-Fiscal Policy As A Tool For Sustainable Development(On The Example Of The Eu), In Sustainable Development And Competitiveness Of The Bulgarian Economy, Collective, Publishing Complex-Unwe, S. 2013, Isbn 978-954-644-329-8, Pp. 227-261 (In Bulgerien)

Ivanova, V. (2009) Comparative Analysis Of Sustainable Development Indicators In Eu Countries, In Macroeconomic Policy For Sustainable Development Of Bulgaria, Collective, University Of Economics, S.,2009, Isbn 987-954-644-075-4, Pp.27-57(In Bulgerien)


Scientific fields:

International macroeconomics, European monetary integration, Circular economy, Sustainable development, Environmental convergence



E-mail: V.Ivanova@feb.uni-sofia.bg

Adress: 1113 Sofia, bul. "Tzarigradsko Shausse" 125, Block 3, Office 503


Office hours:

Tuesdays 15:00 – 16:00 h (by appointment by email)


Profiles in scientific platforms:

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vania-Ivanova

RePec: https://ideas.repec.org/e/piv93.html


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