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Sofia University is part of the INNOAIR project that will pilot for the very first time in Europe the concept of on-demand public transportation with electric buses. INNOAIR was the first project to receive funding under Urban Innovative Action - Initiative of the European Union promoting pilot projects in the field of sustainable urban development.


It’s been two years already and the results are quite promising - under the project, Sofia will introduce low emission zones which will restrict vehicles from entering certain areas of the city with high air pollution during certain days of the year. Additionally, our city will also perform holistic analysis on the possibility to launch congestion charging /traffic pricing/ for the very first time. Sofia University contributes to the analysis by performing assessment on the economic implications to arise because of the introduction of the congestion charge. Our citizens will know what the benefits and costs are associated with the initiatives. Moreover, further cities will be able to re-use certain aspects of the analysis while creating their air quality improvement measures.

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