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On the Faculty Council decision of 19.11.2019, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration announced a competition for the selection of young scholars and postdocs for the National Scholarship Program “Young Scientists and Postdoctoral Students”. The deadline for the submission of documents was 13.12.2019.




At its meeting on 23.12.2019 the appointed committee selected three candidates in the “Young Scientist” category and six candidates in the “Postdoctoral students” category with the following results:


Category “Young Scientist”


  1. Iliya Atanasov – 100%
  2. Krasi Eneva – 66,9%
  3. Nikolina Gylybova – 18,4%


Category Postdoc


  1. Bozhidar Nedev – 81,4%
  2. Martina Arabadzhieva – 78,6%
  3. Boris Borchev – 68,5%
  4. Ivanka Mihaylova – 56,4%
  5. Ivan Angelov – 55,9%
  6. Zdravka Andonova – 26,6%


On 3.02.2020. the funding was allocated to the faculties and at its meeting on 7.02.2020, based on Order RD-19-62/07/02/2020, the Committee decided to appoint part-time one young scholar and two postdoctoral students. The decision was approved by electronic voting of the Faculty Council in the period 07.02-11.02.


Dr. Bozhidar Nedev and Dr. Martina Arabadzhieva were appointed to the Researcher R2 position, while Assist. Iliya Atanasov was appointed to the Researcher R1 position.