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  • Lecturer
  • Research in education and social work
  • Education
  • Didactics
  • Teacher preparation
  • Quality of education

Bachelor degree:


  • Introduction to Educational Research
  • Empirical research in Social Work
  • Pedagogy


Master degree:


  • Quality management in Education
  • Methodology and methods of educational research
  • Work with students at risk of dropping out of school
  • Social-pedagogical diagnostics and assessment


  • Education
  • Quality of education
  • Initial preparation and further qualification of teachers
Research students
  • Garabed Barakyan – Drug abuse prevention in Bulgaria
  • Monika Borisova – Social-pedagogical dimensions of foster care
  • Maria Ivanova-Tepavicharova – Social skills instructional model for drug dependant persons
  • Tuul Selenge – Main trends in the development of university education in Mongolia and Bulgaria since 1990
  • Janeta Tzoneva – Model of social work with drug addicts
  • Elena Thoukididou - Theme: "The Cyprus reality about school effectiveness: a study of the perceptions of stakeholders"
  • Bilyana Garkova - Home-schooling in Bulgaria - emergence, current status, perspectives"
  • Plamen Kolev - The topic "Effectiveness of residential social care for children and young people with disabilities"
Selected publications
  • Gospodinov, B. Effectiveness of training. Nature and separate aspects of implementation. SEMA 2001, Plovdiv, 1998.
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  • English, Russian
  • b.gospodinov@fp.uni-sofia.bg