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  • Lecturer




  • Game models, strategies and techniques in the classroom. Educational animation. Educational drama in primary school.
  • European practices for the realization of educational theater and educational drama as a system and methodology internationally.
  • Original models of social skills intended for students, teachers, experts.
  • Original models for social skills designed for students, teachers, experts.




Bachelor's degree:

  • Animation and education.
  • Drama, theatre and animation in education.
  • Educational models for adults.
  • Pedagogy.
  • Practice at school




  • “Educational Theater at School - a Scene for New Ideas in Learning Produced by the Creative Collaboration between Formal and Non-Formal Education”, Project Manager Asst. Prof. Mariya Nikolova, PhD, Contract number: 80-10-98
  • "Approval of a model for teamwork between students, teachers and actors for the production and presentation of a creative educational product /educational performances/ performed by primary school students", Project Member, Contract Number: 243/2016, Project Manager Assoc. Prof. Radka Vasileva, PhD

Research students



Selected publications


  • Nikolova, M. (2017) Educational Theater, Creative Scene at School. How is friendship born in learning? Sofia, 2017.
  • Nikolova, M. (2018) Animation projects based on a model of educational drama in primary school. Pedagogy, 1/2018, p. 62-70.
  • Nikolova, M. (2019) Educational drama and theater for creative conflict solution in the classroom. Management and Education, 3/2019, p. 63-69.
  • Nikolova, M. (2019) Master class – educational theatre in school, stage for new education ideas. Pre-School and School education: Management, education, training, 4/2019, p.44-58.
  • Nikolova, M., T. Milusheva (2020) Adaptation of Drama, Theater and Art techniques for social pedagogical accommodation of children at risk in the contemporary school. Pedagogy (in print).
  • Nikolova, M. (2020) How do we create singularity in the primary school classroom? Stage forms of the fantasy binomial. Pre-School and school education: Management, education, training (in print).
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  • mariya.nikolova@fp.uni-sofia.bg