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The admission requirements for international citizens depend on the category of the students and the specialties they choose. The application procedure differs in terms and conditions and the tuition fees are different for Bulgarians / EU citizens and the citizens of non-EU member countries.


1. Bulgarians / EU citizens – depending on the specialty they choose, they enter a contest by taking entrance examinations at the University or are ranked on the basis of their results / grades received as a result of the national high-school leaving exams.

2. Bulgarian nationals permanently living abroad compete for the Bulgarian state universities. They are ranked on the basis of the results of the entrance exams in Bulgarian language and literature and Bulgarian history, organized by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Bulgaria every year. The successful candidates – enrolled as regular students at the University – have a right to receive a monthly state scholarship for the period of their study.

3. The admission procedures for students accepted in implementation of bilateral / multilateral agreements between Sofia University and foreign universities; Erasmus Mundus programs, CEEPUS exchange program, etc. are specific and according to the rules and the principles of these programs. The study in implementation of such programs is usually free of charge, as far as students are enrolled for the semester and have met the requirements of their home universities.

4. Applicants from non-EU member countries apply at the University by submitting their documents only (except for Medicine and Pharmacy). Applications are ranked provided that the grade relevant to the major applied for is not lower than 62% of the maximum grade according to the grading system in the country in which the applicant has completed his/her secondary education (i.e. is equivalent to a grade of Good).