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Application forms for sitting a doctoral FOREIGN (WESTERN) LANGUAGE exam can only be submitted ONLINE at the following address: gpeeva@uni-sofia.bg by 17 May 2024 at the latest.

The exam in a foreign (western) language will be conducted IN PERSON following a predetermined schedule. Each doctoral student comes to the exam with an original text in the respective language, on which the students has worked in advance (the text should be at least 150 pages and should be related with field of studies of the doctoral student).

Only foreign students will sit the exam ONLINE via the Moodle platform .

The doctoral students who will sit for the exam online will access the Moodle platform with the username and password provided by the faculty at which they have been enrolled as PhD students. The schedule for the online exams will be uploaded on the Moodle platform in the respective examination committee’s space, three days prior to the scheduled date for the exam.


The online exam in English for foreign PhD applicants will take place on 30 May 2024, 13.00, The exam is online and can be accessed at:

The Phd applicants are solely responsible for uploading their exam materials in the Moodle platform, in the respective exam room.