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Master's Programme: Digital Management in Tourism

Form of study: part-time

Duration of study: 2 semesters, admission from winter semester for specialists and for specialists and non-specialists

Director: Prof. Sonia Mileva, DSc

E-mail: smileva@feb.uni-sofia.bg


Aim of the programme: to create highly qualified managers and experts, proficient in modern forms, methods and means of management in the field of tourism in a rapidly changing technological environment. The programme aims to position itself as an innovative, contemporary and related to the requirements of the labour market, the turbulent digitalisation and transformation in the tourism sector. The focus of the programme is on training of digital management specialists in tourism who will have competences, skills and knowledge to work in a dynamically changing business environment and digital market environment. The training has a strong interdisciplinary character. The courses cover key areas of tourism management, the effective knowledge and application of the techniques and tools of digital marketing and management information systems to build and manage new type of high quality integrated tourism products and services adequate to the requirements of the global tourism market.

Qualification: Graduates of the programme receive the qualification of Master in Digital Management in Tourism


Tuition fees in Sofia University for the academic 2023 / 2024 year


Admission requirements: see general requirements

Possible career opportunities for graduates: management of tourism companies and destinations, regional and municipal administration, government institutions and the highly developed sector of NGOs in the tourism sector. Depending on their interests master students can work as lecturers in the wide network of higher and secondary educational institutions, vocational training centres, experts in consulting and assessment companies, freelance specialists, PhD students, etc.

The duration of study is 1 year (2 semesters), which includes:

  • Basic compulsory training: academic disciplines building the professional specialization of a Master in Business Management with emphasis on economics and management of tourism and digitalization of processes in Digitalisation of the sector.
  • Basic equivalence training - those admitted who are non-specialists are required to undergo additional, two specific courses offered as compulsory electives.
  • Professional training - free elective training

The workload and credits for these courses are not counted for the implementation of the curriculum.

The training culminates in the defense of a master's thesis, the state sessions being in November and in March respectively (next calendar year).