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Alliance's “TRANSFORM4EUROPE” week in Alma Mater Gallery

As part of the Transform4Europe Alliance Week, hosted by Sofia University, on the 29th of September 2023 the Alma Mater Gallery opened the exhibition The Pulse of Time. 135 years of Sofia University and City Being'.

The first exhibition presents the works of Polish and Bulgarian students created in creative workshops "Sculptural Relief", "Dry Point" and "Poster", organized by the Department of Visual Arts at the Faculty of Education Sciences and Arts. The workshops were led by Senior Assist. Prof. Nikoleta Ivanova, Senior Assist. Prof.. Tsveta Petrova and Senior Assist. Prof. Yavor Grancharov. On the Bulgarian side participated: Andrea Georgieva, Valentin Panayotov, Vanesa Eneva, Dayana Tineva, Dinko Chortov, Kaloyan Chehlarski, Karina Kaneva, Krasimira Nikolova, Mariya Nikolova, Mira Ivanova, Nataliya Krisenko,Ralitsa Radeva, Teodora Georgieva, Toni Kostadinov и Tonislav Georgiev (students of Graphic Design and Fine Arts at Sofia University). On the Polish side participated Agnieszka Jończyk, Anna Bomba, Anna Rusinek, Eliza Zawadzka, Maria Demianiuk, Natalia Mandrysz and Kacper Kaszuba (students at the Institute of Fine Arts in Cieszyn at the University of Silesia in Katowice). Inspired by the architecture of the Rectorate, the young artists interpret spaces, architectural details and decorative elements of the iconic building


The second exhibition - "City Being" - includes graphic works by Polish artist Łukasz Koniuszy, executed in the technique of intaglio. The artist is a PhD student at the Institute of Fine Arts in Cieszyn. Although young, the author is already an established name in the field of graphic art, well known to the Bulgarian audience.


His works are inspired by the architectural heritage of Bytom, the artist's hometown. The compositions unfold the pure geometry of architectural volumes and urban spaces, in which the specific rhythm, the sharp angles and the dramatic collision of light and shadow create an imaginary, strictly structured world, marked, however, by a palpable sense of human absence.


The exhibitions were presented by Assoc. Prof. Milena Blazhieva - Head of the Visual Arts Department at the University of Sofia and by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefan Lechwar - Director of the Institute of Fine Arts in Cieszyn at the University of Silesia in Katowice.
Prof. Dr. Maria Stoycheva - Functional Rector International Activities at Sofia University also addressed the participants.