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The degree course in ethnology exists in the Faculty of History at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" since 1995. Ethnology studies the people of the world, their origin, culture, social and ethnic relationships. The major topics are: ethnic, social and racial genesis; ethnic processes and culture; social institutions; cultural, social and ethnic relations. Ethnology studies, analyzes and models the separate elements of the interrelation "man - nature - society". Studies in Ethnology cover a three-tier structure of higher education for acquiring the educational and professional degrees of Bachelor and Master (I and II degree) and the educational and scientific degree of PhD (III degree). The first degree (Bachelor) contains two basic blocks of subjects - ethnological and historical. The ethnological block puts emphasis on general education and the study of Bulgarian folk culture in its historical development. It also includes subjects from the sphere of Balkan, Slavic, European and non-European ethnology, history of religions, etc. The historical block includes History of Bulgaria, Old and Mediaeval History, History of Byzantium and the Balkans, Early Modern and Modern History, Archeology, Thracian Studies, etc. Students have to choose between a Western European, a Balkan or some other European language. In the last years interest is concentrated on English, but also on Turkish, Russian, Polish and Serbian. Students are offered an option of teacher qualification with an additional block of educational and pedagogical subjects for acquiring teacher qualification. The research strategy in the Second Degree (Master) is to supplement and broaden the acquired knowledge with more specialized subjects in the sphere of ethnology and cultural anthropology. The Bachelor's Degree in Ethnology offers only a regular form of study and covers 4 academic years (8 semesters). It ends with a written State Examination after which the student acquires the educational and professional degree Bachelor of Ethnology. Bachelors of Ethnology can continue their education in the Master's Degree of Ethnology or some other degree in the Humanities. They can also apply for doctoral studies. Their field of professional realization is very broad - museums, research and cultural institutes, teachers, the sphere of tourism and advertising, where their knowledge of their native and of foreign cultures, of the way of life and psychology of their own and of other peoples are exceptionally useful.