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FEBA collaborates with AIBEST for the organization of the seminar where lecturers, students and business representatives from Bulgaria and Denmark discussed new trends and challenges for the outsourcing and offshoring business in Bulgaria, as well as in a global plan.


The seminar, which was in a virtual environment in March 27 and March 28, was initiated by Dr. Hristina Stoyanova – lecturer in the master’s program at FEBA “Outsourcing projects and companies”. Students from the master’s program, AIBEST’s representatives, prof. Bent Petersen and Assoc. Prof Peter O. Jeben, PhD from Copenhagen Business School and Jens Brinsksen with his experience in managing offshoring companies in Central and East Europe, took part in the seminar.


The meeting started with a virtual cocktail where participants introduced themselves and got familiar with seminar’s program.





Jens Brinsken discussed new trends in 2020 for the outsourcing and offshoring business, as well as new possibilities for suppling companies, resulting from the current situation. He shared his recommendations on better selling of service in order to earn business clients. During the last year, Danish’s businessman has negative thoughts about Bulgaria, due to the circulation of negative news in medias. Hence Brinksen discussed the need to promote our country for its successful outsourcing and offshoring projects.


Prof. Bent Petersen and Assoc. Prof Peter O. Jeben presented their selecting strategies, types of partnerships between companies, clients and suppliers, as well as models for remuneration for the activities operated by outsourcing companies.


All participants appreciated highly the exchange of new ideas in the discussions, the perspectives, as well as shared experience from business representatives. They were also interessed for a follow-up seminar in Sofia after the end of the quarantine.




The master’s program “Outsourcing projects and companies” is a joint initiative with FEBA and AIBEST, with some students being nominated by members of the association. The following course is with a strong practical orientation and aims to develop skills and competences for solving actual business cases in various fields of outsourcing and offshoring.