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Ambassadors of innovation and enterpreneurship in Sofia University and enhancing technological cooperetion between Israel and Bulgaria, 2 March 2016, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration


The Israeli Technological Model

Prof Rafi Glick,

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Guilford Glazer School of Business and Management



Course Syllabus (pdf) | Course Proposal (pdf) | CV Rafi Glick (pdf)


Open elective course for Bachelor students

(Faculty of Economics and Business, and Hebraic Studies)




Meetings 1-4:

- Teams investigating the partner organization, conducting additional meetings with partner, present project focus and scope to Partner.

- Establish reporting procedures and expectations, write a case or strategic assessment paper for the mentor and create project plan including project focus and scope, background, research design, methodologies, and schedule.

- The teams will present the project plans in class meeting.

Meetings 5-8:

- Teams collect, analyse and interpret data; develop and evaluate strategic options, conduct the internal and external environment, and analyse the companies and their environment;

- Teams prepare midterms reports including environment analysis, strategic options, next phase recommendations and action items.

- Teams submit the midterm report to mentors and to partners and present it in the partner’s facilities and class meeting.

- Final paper' submitting (date will be announced):

Teams prepare final reports including analysis, conclusions, recommendations and action plan.

- Teams present final reports to the teacher



22 February /Monday/ 09.00-12.00, hall 300 (3d floor)

23 February /Thursday/ 09.00-12.00, hall 304

24 February /Wednesday/ 09.00-12.00, hall 400 (4th floor)

25 February /Thursdays/ 09.00-12.00, hall 400

26 February /Friday/ 09.00-12.00, hall 304

29 February /Monday/ 09.00-12.00, hall 300

01 March /Thursday/ 09.00-12.00, hall 304

02 March /Wednesday/ 09.00-12.00, hall 400

07 March / Monday/ 09.00-12.00, hall 300


Address: Campus Iztok, Block 3

Faculty of Economics and Business of the Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski