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The Grand Poetry Reading gathered poets of different generations on 19th November. It was conceived as a replica of the dissident reading of 1989, and as part of the 120th anniversary celebrations became a mixture of classical, modern and even post-modern poetry.


The first were the poets of the 60s to 80s – Ivan Tsanev, Ekaterina Josifova, Ivan Teofilov, and others. Then the ‘poets of the transition’ took the floor – Sylvia Choleva, Miglena Nikolchina, and others.

The motif of all presentation was the wind: whether the wind of change or that on the bus stops?

The initiators of the previous reading of the dissident poets Ivo Petrunov and Plamen Anakiev shared their memories of the event. Of the young poets should be noted Momchil Tsonev; a poem on a criminal event by Vassil Vidinski; the poet writing of animals only Dimitar Karnarov; and the poem ‘Oedipal Complex’ by Maria Kalinova.