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20th November


Prof. Todor Bakalov celebrated his 70th jubilee and his 50th professional jubilee in the Aula on 20th November, 2007. This year, on the same date, he invited friends and colleagues to present the second volume of his “Anthology of Bulgarian Folk Artists”. The Anthology was issued in English first, and became a part of prestigious university libraries and added to the Bulgarian folklore music popularity even before being issues in Bulgarian.

The Anthology is a result of Prof. Bakalov’s a scrutiny research. Apart from being a scientist, he is also an artist, composer, writer and lecturer; he has been a lecturer for “Musical Pedagogy” specialty at Sofia University for many years, for example. He has also been active in popularizing Bulgarian folk music in Moldova during the last years by lecturing at Tarakli State University and supporting young talented people in their career.



Some of these talents were present with him at the celebration in the Aula. Special guests were some of the characters featured in the book: Valya Balkanska, Ivo Papazov, and others. The Anthology features about 2000 names of great folk artists, some of them not among the living.

The concert with participation of Prof. Bakalov and his students was dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the University, and the 120th anniversary of Bulgarian higher education.