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The Vatican Library Prefect Monseugneur Czezare Pazini delivered a lecture on 12 November in the Aula. His visit was part of the programme of the International Conference 'Globalization and Management of the Information Resources', which took place from 12th to 14th November in Sofia.

His lecture was on the history and future of the world cultural treasury. The Vatican Library was founded by Pope Nikolas V in the middle of the 15th century, and is among the libraries with the most long-lasting tradition. It is a model of a universal library being based on two languages Latin and Greek – the two languages in which the mediaeval science and knowledge were created.

From the very beginning the Library has served a dual function: to serve the Pope as institution, and to be open for scientists from around the world regardless of their origin, religion, or culture. The new goals of the Library are related to preserving this availability of the Library. Monseugneur Czezare Pazini described the new projects on digitalization and conservation of the funds. The humanistic spirit of the Library defines its mission to work towards cultural dialogue with institutions from all over the world.