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The International conference 'Sofia 2008: Globalization and Information Resources Management' took place from 12 to 14th November and was patronized by Geory Pirinski, the Chail of the National Assembly. For the fifth time the conference was organized by the Faculty of Phylosophy, the Department of Library and Information Management at State University, Emporia, theUSA, the National Library, and the Union of the Librarians in Sofia.

‘Sofia 2008’ is part of a number of international conferences, which took place in Kansas City, Kansas (1995), Warsaw, Poland (1997), Sofia, Bulgaria (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006). These conferences were initiated in order to research on the impact of globalization on the libraries, the information structure, and society.



‘Sofia 2008’ gathered 120 guests from 30 countries from all over the world, and 180 Bulgarian participants: experts and scientists in the field of information resource management, information infrastructure, and information policies.


The thematic fields of the conference were as diverse as:

- Access to the Global Network;
- Organization, classification and research in the Web;
- Information industry and knowledge management;
- Information skills and lifelong learning;
- Digital and virtual libraries;
- Information architecture and knowledge management;
- Information policies in the e-world;
- Digital resource management;
- Education and training using web 2.0;
- Information access ethics and rights;
- European digital library;
- World digital library, etc.

The climax of the conference was the speech delivered by the Vatican Library Prefect Monseugneur Czezare Pazini at 18:00 on 12th November in the Aula. It was attended by approximately 250 people.

There were other notable events within the conference framework:

- Workshops on ‘Free Access to Information’ and ‘European digital library’;
- International Student Conference;
- Leading companies presented their databases and scientific information products during the conference.


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