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'Dzift' at Sofia University


The Sofia University New Theatre Hall could hardly contain the audience eager to see ‘Dzift’. Special guests were the authors – the script-writer Vladislav Todorov and the director Yavor Gardev. The film is a hit film début for the theatre director. The author of the novel ‘Dzift’ Vladislav Todorov is a lecturer of cultural history of Russia and East Europe at University of Pennsylvania.



The discussion after the film was opened by the question about the ‘hot boiled’ film tradition of suspense, violence and action character. Other influences to mention were these of the philosophy of Albert Kamu and others. Socialism was discussed as a means of metaphoric expression.


The team of the film told the students about the travels of the film so far: to Argentina and Canada; then a cocktail was given in ‘Yajtseto’, with signing autographs on the book ‘Dzift’.