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Recognition of higher education acquired at a foreign higher education institution with the purpose of obtaining access to further education within the higher education system of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "

The applicants, seeking recognition by the Sofia University shall submit the following documents to

Boryana Vaneva (Information centre), Phone: (+359 2) 9308 522, E-mail: bvaneva@admin.uni-sofia.bg and

Annik Teodosieva (Information centre), Phone: (+359 2) 9308 522, E-mail: ateodosieva@admin.uni-sofia.bg

Required documents:

  1. Application form ;
  2. Original Diploma for higher education / equivalent document, issued by an educational institution, legally recognized by a competent state institution as a part of the education system of the respective country or a copy of the applicant's higher education diploma notarially attested and legalized as stated in the Legalization Regulations;
  3. Original of the applicant's Academic transcript of records or a copy notarially attested and legalized as stated in the Legalization Regulations, as well as a original and copy of European diploma supplement, if available;
  4. Original and copy of personal identification document, as well as a document that states the change in the applicant’s name, if any;
  5. Other documents, which according to the applicant, are relevant to the recognition procedure;
  6. Document for paid administrative fee for the recognition procedure (270 BGN ) in cash or via a bank transfer to the account of Sofia University:

Bulgarian National Bank – Central Office
IBAN: BG52 BNBG 9661 3100 1743 01
Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski"
Depositor: the full name of the applicant.

7. Declaration of personal data


The documents, required under Items 2 to 5 must be legalized, translated and certified according to the provisions of the international treaties between Bulgaria and the country of their issuance, or in other case according to the general procedure for the legalization, translation and certification of documents and other papers. The document stating changes in the applicant names presented in a foreign language, must be accompanied by a respective translation in Bulgarian.

The documents stated under Items 2 and 3 must also have simple copies.

By virtue Art. 7a of the Regulations, allowance to evaluation of compliance with the state regulations for acquiring higher education in Bulgaria is denied in the following cases:

  • a document presented for recognition which is not a diploma or equivalent higher educational document and is not issued according to the conditions under Art. 4, Item 1 of the Regulations;
  • a diploma, issued by a foreign higher educational institution, recognised by a competent state institution of the respective country as a part of the secular system of higher education, but the education was provided by structures in the territory of another country which have not been identified and do not function under the statutory established by the law;
  • a higher education document which, after verification, is identified as being not issued by the respective higher educational institution.