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The new European Union and European Integration (EUEI) BA Programme to be taught in English has been designed primarily for citizens of states which are not EU members and for citizens of countries preparing for membership in the Union. Its duration is eight semesters and the students are accepted after an exam in English.

The EUEI Programme has both a holistic and interdisciplinary character. While allowing the students the possibility to analyze the process of European integration within the context of various subjects, it provides the opportunity to go beyond the limitations of geography. It also gives an opportunity to become fluent in three European languages. The students graduate after successfully defending a BA thesis and taking a state exam in English.

The main objective of the EUEI Programme is to prepare experts who will utilize the Bulgarian experience in regional integration, in preparing for EU membership, and in negotiating UE accession. At the same time it will provide a fully integrated environment for combining EU Law Studies, International Relations, Politics, and Economics with language and Cultural Studies. After the second year the students can continue their studies choosing one of the five specialized modules in the above-mentioned areas.

In addition, top-level experts from Bulgaria and other EU governmental and academic institutions will be able to share with the students their practical experience of working with and in the European Union. Visits by the graduates to EU institutions will contribute to enhancing their practical skills. Thus they will acquire the necessary skills to work as experts on European integration issues within their area of specialization, and to participate in negotiations, in economic, cultural and political interactions with the institutions and employees of the EU.


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