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Main Focus and Educational Goals


The programme is intended for bachelor degree graduates from all professional fields.


The aim of the Master’s program “Public Management and Policies” is to create and develop competencies to work in the units of public institutions and departments of NGOs and expert organizations that deal with development, implementation and evaluation of strategies, policies, programs and projects.

Education (Knowledge and Skills Required for Successful Professional Activity; General Theoretical and Specialized Training, etc.).


The program provides knowledge of contemporary approaches to public management and to professional methods to identify public issues, to formulate objectives, to comparative analysis of alternative instruments to achieve their pre and post evaluation. It is oriented towards development of skills for analyzing and developing policies applicable in all spheres of public governance. Thus the program meets the growing need for professionals with specific analytical skills and strategic vision in the field of public policies and through their creation contributes to the quality of public activities.


The Master Course includes:


  • Basic block of knowledge and skills necessary for every specialist in the field of public policies;
  • Specializing block aimed at developing knowledge of specific sectoral and horizontal policies and their specific instruments.

Professional Career


Students who acquire a Master’s degree in “Public Management and Policies” have all necessary knowledge and skills to work in various institutions and administrative structures at all levels. In addition, the graduates acquire knowledge and skills for managing programs, projects and administrative structures. They can also successfully work as consultants in the field of public management and policies in the NGO sector and private companies. Successful graduates of the program are also prepared for further training in Educational and scientific degree “Doctor”.

Terms of acceptance


The programme is intended for bachelor degree graduates from all professional fields.