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Educational objectives: Students will gain knowledge on Social Psychology and Psychology and Law theories from a community perspective. The aim of the program is to develop their skills in analyzing the processes that characterize the social action and social interaction in all their aspects.

Description: The program provides the students with clear perspective towards the main approaches in Social Psychology and Legal Studies: paradigms, fields and methodologies of research, application fields. Everyday life is the ground from which different themes are being developed, covering the main aspects of individual, interpersonal and group processes. Students are encouraged to build autonomous paths of learning and reflection about the topics.
Professional Qualifications: Master of Social and Legal Psychology

Professional Realization: The Masters of Social and Legal Psychology program best suits BA students in Psychology and LLM professionals interested in political, social and interpersonal phenomena in general as well as law professional psychologists and any other professionals in the field of penitentiary and social welfare work.

Terms of acceptance:

  • BA in Psychology or MA in Law;
  • GPA min. of 4,5 (6-point grading scale);
  • Motivation-based Interview after which the candidates are to be selected by ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Principle

The ranking is based on the GPA