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Associate professor Milen Mitev Velushev, Ph.D.

His scientific interests are in Development Economics, Economic Analysis of Law and Economics of Education, as well as in the identification of significant contemporary socioeconomic tendencies



  • Introduction to Economics
  • Economics- part 2
  • Economic Analysis of Law
  • Contemporary Economic Phenomena
  • Personal Finance


Selected publications


  1. Velushev, M. (2020) Inward Foreign Direct Investments- Significance for the Bulgarian Economy. Avangard Prima, ISBN 978-619-239-351-9
  2. Velushev, M. (2019) Analysis of Education Market: Characteristics of Bulgarian Education System. Academic publishing house “D. A. Tsenov”, ISBN 978-954-23-1784-5


  1. Velushev, M. (2020) Money for Nothing? Analysis of The Financing of Tuition at State-Owned Higher Education Schools. Strategies for Policy in Science and Education, 27(3), 257-284
  2. Velushev, M. (2019) Creating a host specific model of the relationship between gross domestic product and inward foreign direct investments- the case of the Bulgarian economy. Economic thought, vol. 6, 22-39
  3. Velushev, M. (2018) Is the State Playing Fair? Analysis of the Death Foretold of Corporate and Commerial Bank Sa and the Consequences Thereof. Contemporary Law, 2/2018, 96-121
  4. Georgiev, R. & Velushev, M. (2018) The Innovation Strategy and the Competitive Positions of Bulgarian Economy, Economics 21, 1/2018, 44-69


Fields of study

  • Inward FDI and economic development
  • Economic analysis of social policies
  • Economics of education
  • Human capital theory



email: mvelushev@feb.uni-sofia.bg

Adress: 1113 Sofia, 125 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Block 3, office 507


Office hours

Tuesdays: 12-13h

Wednesdays: 17-18h

Conference call after confirmation


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