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You have the opportunity to participate in various initiatives under the T4E (Transform4Europe) project. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is among the partners of this year's edition.


Do you never stop putting yourself out there? Do User Experience, User Experience Design, and Programming fascinate you? Well, Prodigys Group has launched a Challenge for all students and academic staff of Trasform4Europe Alliance! What is the Challenge about? Design an improvement action for their Business Intelligence platform already used by many "Fortune 500" companies: AgrEGG. The platform allows easy exploration of data that, regardless of quantity and source, manages to combine them quickly thanks to its drill down, aggregation, and intelligent visualization modules.Students and academic staff will be sorted into groups based on the training background of the individual participants, and, for three days (10th/11th/12th May 2023), they will be asked to synthesize a support for the functional evaluation of the tool, testing their user experience and suggesting new features for the general improvement of the tool.Winners will be awarded 1,500 euros.

Take the Challenge! More info and registration (by 21st April) at the following link: https://web.units.it/page/forms/it/content/t4eu-stakeholder-challenge-2023


  1. Application deadline: March, 20th - April, 21st
  2. Groups composition (the Stakeholder is in charge of composing groups): April, 24th - 28th
  3. Groups communication: May, 2nd
  4. Challenge: May, 10th /11th /12th

More information can be found here .