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Joint PhD Symposium on



South East Europe



18 June 2010



London School of Economics and Political Science








Centre for the Study of the Balkans, Goldsmiths


Centre for South East European Studies, SSEES, UCL


LSEE-Research on South East Europe, European Institute, LSE






Call for Papers



We invite submissions for a PhD symposium on modern and contemporary South East Europe. A main objective of the symposium is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between young scholars currently undertaking research on the region. It is also intended to help graduate-level research students to overcome the academic isolation associated with PhD research, to ‘try’ their ideas and findings on wider audiences, and to establish new collaborative links across disciplines. Researchers will also be able to ‘engage’ with a wider academic community, including academic members of staff at the three institutions, and also a number of other distinguished scholars who will be involved with the symposium.




We welcome contributions from research students focusing on the countries of the former Yugoslavia , Albania , Bulgaria , Cyprus , Greece , Moldova , Romania and Turkey and working in the following disciplines:




  • Anthropology and Sociology
  • Economics and Political Economy
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Modern and Contemporary History (including Economic History)
  • Law
  • Social Policy
  • Cultural Studies




Abstracts of 1000 words maximum must be submitted via the ‘paper proposal’ form. Abstracts should indicate the academic significance of the topic, relevance of conceptual literature, and analytical structure. It should also include six key words. In addition to the ‘paper proposal’ form, applicants will be expected to provide a short statement of support from their supervisor (no more than 300 words). This should be sent by the supervisor directly to the same e-mail address. The deadline for the submission of the ‘paper proposal’ forms is Friday, 12 February 2010. The ‘paper proposal’ form can be downloaded from:






Completed submissions can be made by email only to: Euroinst.Lsee.Symposium@lse.ac.uk. Successful applicants will be notified by 26 February 2010 and will be requested to submit their full paper by 4 June 2010.




Participants will be expected to pay for their own travel, accommodation and subsistence. It is possible that a limited number of travel grants will be made available to contributors who are both registered and normally based at universities in the region. However, participants applying from the region must not rely on this. Support, if available, will be limited. There will also be a registration fee of £15 for all participants, payable upon registration. General participants are welcome to attend.




For further information please contact:




Ivan Kovanovic


Administrator, LSEE-Research on South East Europe


Email: Euroinst.Lsee.Symposium@lse.ac.uk




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