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Crises, Resilience and Transformation

2022 Conference of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

November 25-26, 2022


The past several years have brought about immense challenges not only to the European and global economic systems, but also to the political systems and the social contracts around the globe. Unpopular public safety measures, autocratic tendencies, populism fueled by inflationary pressures triggered by the recovering global economy, have put civil liberties into question. These recent developments come at a moment when countries such as Bulgaria and Croatia have planned to join the European currency union. At the same time, new niches and business models that have the potential to accelerate the economic recovery and improve global economic resilience through technological change have been emerging. The startup scene across emerging and transition economies has attracted a lot of interest by investment funds, venture capitalists and angel investors, and the first Bulgarian unicorn was born in early 2022. The complex interactions among these trends and events unfold against the backdrop of the ongoing transition towards a carbon neutral economy.

The 2022 Conference of FEBA at Sofia University invites Bulgarian and international scholars, policymakers, industry leaders and the interested public to discuss these recent developments and possible solutions to the most pressing challenges for the regional and global economy.


The topics of the conference may cover (but are not constrained to):

  • Bulgaria’s entry to the euro area: Implications and consequences
  • Effects of crises (Brexit, COVID-19, War in Ukraine, etc.) on firms
  • Financial economics, FinTech and banking
  • Applications of AI and ML in business and economics
  • Financial contagion and systemic risk
  • Immigration
  • Economic history
  • Corporate governance (e.g., cooperatives, public-private partnerships, etc.)
  • Innovation and Industry 4.0
  • Shadow economy
  • Taxation
  • Corporate culture and economic performance
  • Behavioral economics and behavioral studies
  • Experimental economics
  • Gender studies
  • Others


Please, submit a short abstract (1/2 pages) of your proposed paper by September 25, 2022 to d.radev@feb.uni-sofia.bg and conference@feb.uni-sofia.bg. You will receive acceptance/rejection notification by September 30, 2022. Extended abstracts are expected by October 31, 2022. Early submissions are encouraged. If you would like to organize a session, submit a proposal with potential speakers and topics by September 25, 2022. Participants may be asked to serve as discussants to other papers in the session.

The conference organizers will arrange special issues in selected journals around the conference themes, so that the conference papers could be published after the normal double-blind review.


Important Deadlines:

  • September 25, 2022 – Submission of short abstracts and (optionally) suggestion of sessions
  • September 30, 2022 – Decision by the organizing committee
  • October 31, 2022 – Submission of extended abstracts or drafts of papers
  • October 31, 2022 – Publication of final conference program


Contact person for additional inquiries:

Deyan Radev, PhD, e-mail: d.radev@feb.uni-sofia.bg