Начало / Университетът / Факултети / Стопански факултет / Катедри и Академичен състав / Катедри / Гостуващи преподаватели и асоциирани изследователи / Гост-преподаватели от САЩ (архив) / Prof. George Miaoulis, Jr.





American Fulbright Professor George Miaoulis, Jr.

Hiram College, Ohio,USA



Consumer Behavior



Begins Wednesday, 23 October 2013


1500 to 1800 - Room 300



This course will explore 10 topics in American Consumer Behavior and discuss the transfer of this knowledge and experience to Bulgaria.








1. Cross cultural analysis - global market analysis


2. Consumer purchase decision process


3. Benefit segmentation / value analysis – conducting motivational research


4. Practicum in motivational research


5. Demographic analysis and changing values


6. Subculture values and analysis


7. Self-concept analysis and subcultures of consumption.


8. Lifestyles and mass market data bases


9. Perception and subliminal perception


10. Consumer behavior in the media




Join us for an interesting and exciting course!