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I am writing you in order to inform that we start our selection procedure for the next season of 2012. The deadline of application for the students is 31/10/2011. Students can complete the application forms at www.jobtrust.gr by the end of October. After that we would decide on the date of the interviews.

Note that from this year we accept not only students studding tourism for practical training but also we can accept graduates and students of other specializations for summer work. The most wanted duration is 5-6 months (May-October), but 3-4 months duration is also acceptable. For the shorter duration (3-4 months) there are fewer vacancies and the bonus we pay in the end is lower than for the longer duration of 5-6 months.


In case of any questions please feel free to contact me.


Irina Aslanov.

Human Resource and Development Director


Web-site: www.jobtrust.gr

E-mail: info@jobtrust.gr

Tel.: 0030 2310 326 946