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Bachelor of Philosophy (in English)

The main objective of the Sofia University BA Program in Philosophy (in English) is to provide students with a broad profile in philosophy. Our goal is to cultivate state of the art knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes. The program fosters erudition, methodological skills, analytical ability and critical thinking. Students will gain wide and fundamental knowledge so that they build on it to hone specialized skills in philosophy – immersing themselves in its complexity, communicative potential, and different traditions. The training is aimed at the formation of knowledge of the evolution of philosophical and social thought, of the different forms of critical and creative thinking, and of cultural self-reflection.


The BA program in Philosophy (in English) takes 4 years, each divided into 2 semesters. The core of the program is built around 28 mandatory courses, which cover the main systematic subdivisions of philosophy, as well as the chief periods of its history. Students also take 14 elective courses delving into an in-depth exploration of selected problem areas and providing a more strenuous focus of study and research. In addition, students take a number of theoretical and practical education courses required for obtaining a license to teach in Bulgarian secondary schools. The program places a special emphasis on the history of philosophy and continental philosophy, but also includes a number of courses in the analytic tradition.

In addition, the program includes:
- a module of courses required for obtaining a teaching license in Philosophy for Secondary Schools in Bulgaria (and some EU countries) as a compulsory one;
- a module of courses required for a license in „Philosophy with Children“ practice in Kindergarten, Elementary and Primary Schools – as an elective one.

The program concludes with both the writing and defense of a BA thesis; and a state teachers’ exam.

Career Outlook

The knowledge and skills cultivated in the program build competent professionals with a broad profile: specialists and researchers in philosophy, teachers in the social sciences and humanities in secondary and higher education, translators and editors of literature in philosophy and the other humanities. Graduates acquire the skills needed for working in Kindergarten, Elementary, Primary and Secondary and Higher Education, research organizations, Business areas, NGOs, and the public service.

Terms of admission
- EU applicants: Sofia University entrance exam in English language; Bulgarian secondary school matriculation exam in English; Sofia University Philosophy entrance exam.

- Non-EU applicants do not have to take entrance exams or any other tests; they are admitted ONLY based on their secondary school degree.

How to apply

The admission procedure and requirements differ in terms and conditions for EU citizens and citizens of non-EU member countries. For more information, please visit Sofia University’s Admission of international students pages:


Or e-mail the program contact person:

assist. prof. Tsena Zhelyazkova,