Начало / Университетът / Факултети / Факултет по класически и нови филологии / Специалности / Бакалавърски програми / Факултет по класически и нови филологии / Индология / Изучавани избираеми дисциплини / Intercultural communication (Интеркултурна комуникация)


хорариум: 30 часа лекции (lectures: 30)
кредити: 2 (credits: 2)


In the globalization era people from around the world need to interact with the other side of the world for their professional requirements and fulfillment. The objective of the course is to provide students with a fundamental of communication to leverage in culturally diversified environment. This course will help students to understand the intercultural communication basics. To convey the clear message a communicator need to understand not only the words but also the non-vocal body language hidden in the form of body postures, hand gestures, facial expressions etc. In addition to that we need to understand the emotional states of ourselves and the counterparts as well as the importance and impact of it to make a clear communication.
B2 level of proficiency in English is a prerequisite.



  • Ajit Kumar Shrivastva (Аджит Кумар Шриваства)

Ajit Kumar Shrivastva has over 15 years of international experience in business strategy. He is an MBA and a certified MBTI facilitator, a business and leadership consultant, has designed and delivered many workshops and trainings such as communication strategy, decision making, team dynamics, smart negotiation, etc.