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Master of International Financial Management – in English

Double – Degree Master’s programme with the Université de Bordeaux France


Duration: 3 semesters

Mode of study: full-time


Programme Director: Assoc. Prof. Marcellin Yovogan, PhD

е-mail: myovogan@feb.uni-sofia.bg


Кандидатите за прием в програмата от зимния семестър на учебната 2024/2025 година могат да подадат своите документи през платформата https://feba.kmk.uni-sofia.bg/ на някой от следните 3 етапа:

  • Първи етап – от 1 до 21 юли 2024 г.
  • Втори етап – от 25 юли до 15 септември 2024 г.
  • Трети етап – от 21 до 30 септември 2024 г.


Събеседванията за прием в магистърската програма ще се проведат онлайн на следните дати:




Successful graduates receive two diplomas – one from Sofia University and one from the Université de Bordeaux France.


Programme aims:

The programme main goal is to give students in-depth knowledge covering different aspects of company financial activities such as investing, financing, manager-owner-lender relationship, and the deontological side of the financial activity.


Application procedures:

They include review of application documents and interview with the candidates



Bachelor or Master’s degree

Applications from students with a background different from economics or management are welcome and will be subject to the assessment of the selection committee.


Application documents:

- Motivation letter;

- CV

- The original and a copy of the Bachelor or Master degree diploma with attached Academic transcript of records with all subject grades (International students should comply with the requirements of Sofia University which are published at: http://www.uni-sofia.bg/index.php/eng/admission/international_students/applicants_from_non_eu_member_countries/application_documents



The interview is held in English. It aims to assess the candidate’s knowledge in Economics or Management, language proficiency, motivation to join the programme and capacity for career development.


Career prospects:

As administrative and financial managers of business organizations, financial analysts in financial institutions; financial experts in public, regional or international organizations; and also financial advisers or consultants






Обучението в съвместната магистърска програма "Международен финансов мениджмънт" с Университета Бордо, Франция, е само на английски език, като повечето от преподавателите са от чужбина. Успешно завършилите получават ДВЕ национални дипломи:

  • "MBA-Магистър по бизнес администрация" на Университет Бордо, Франция;
  • магистър по международен финансов мениджмънт от СУ „Св. Климент Охридски“.

Повече информация можете да получите от ръководителя на магистърската програма доц. д-р Марселен Йовоган, myovogan@feb.uni-sofia.bg.



Архив на учебните планове:

Financial Management - Programme Curriculum (pdf)

Финансов мениджмънт за икономисти - учебен план (pdf)

Financial Management for Non-Economists - Programme Curriculum (pdf)

Financial Management after 3 years bachelor programmes - Programme Curriculum (pdf)

Финансов мениджмънт за неикономисти - учебен план (pdf)

Финансов мениджмънт за професионални бакалаври - учебен план (pdf)


Архив на учебните планове:



Overall my feedback is extremely positive as it was a great experience.


What went well:

  • We were warmly welcomed by the organizers at the dorms
  • The courses were exceptionally well-structured, delivered in a comprehensive and dynamic manner that held our focus throughout.
  • The courses were very practical and useful for the real working environment.
  • The professors provided a remarkable level of expertise, enhancing our learning experience.
  • The materials are very well segregated and prepared. The university campus was very nice
  • The tour of the city was great
  • The tour to Chateau de Bourg was a great experience, really well organized as well as the last farewell dinner.
  • There were very few areas that encountered small challenges:
  • There were unexpected changes in the schedule that were not effectively communicated in a timely manner. This caused some implications for planning our return, particularly regarding the originally mentioned free day on June 30th and the need to vacate the dorms.
  • It would have been beneficial to receive instructions prior to our arrival in Bordeaux on how to set up our profiles and cards, saving us valuable time.


It is advisable to inform the next group 1) to get prepared for working on case studies, particularly emphasizing proficiency in Excel, 2) to take laptop with them with installed MS office and windows newer than Windows 7


The experience was highly enjoyable and enriching, thanks to the organizers' hospitality, the quality of the courses, and the well-organized events and activities.


Boryana Andonova - International Financial Management & MBA-Bordeaux student 2022-2023


Hello, I’m Ahmad al Dweik and i would like to give feedback about my experience in Bordeaux


First of All i would like to thank all the Teaching staff who contributed for our amazing experience there specially Prof Yovogan and the director of the program in Bordeaux for their efforts.


Quality of Education: the teaching staff was extraordinary for giving all the necessary information and education in the highest level possible within a short time of period, they provided excellent high quality of education materials and teaching skills and techniques from all Europe they came up with the best knowledge to deliver it to us which was Not comparable with the level we get in out domestic universities.


Quality of services: the university was ready to meet our high intense of presence there with good services and quality of food and preparation. For taking us free to a trips to discover the greatest wine industry of France with convenient level of comfort was something really nice and special.


Quality of life: here i would mention some advantages and disadvantages, Bordeaux was a magical city i would love to live there someday. Deep in culture and diversity. Maybe the only disadvantage here was the transport and how far our dorms from the university. It will be great if someday the university got closer dorms for the students.


Overall my experience with Bordeaux program was great and nice i would really appreciate if the university continues with this program in the future to get other people like me involved in this amazing experience.


Ahmad al Dweik_ International Financial Management & MBA-Bordeaux student-2022-2023


I liked the experience I had at Bordeaux University. The facilities were great and the fact that there was a cheap university restaurant also was good. The additional activities organized for us were also a great part of the experience. I liked the courses that were provided and especially the income statement analysis, the portfolio management, the risk management and the business game as I gathered a lot of knowledge from the professors and had some great practical exercises. One think I didn’t like was that we had people in our group that were not students and they didn’t care about passing the exams because for them they were not pursuing MBA, and this way if you got pared with such person you had to do almost the entire projects alone. Also, I would suggest improving the information and the distribution of information to the students, because some time we struggled to acquire information that is necessary for either the dorms or some scheduling of courses. All in all, the experience of the MBA is great and personally I have a better knowledge after completing the one month, also I managed to make contacts with people from countries that are far away from Bulgaria and without this program I don’t think I would of have the chance to create contacts with people from Brazil, Peru etc.


Nikolay Yankov International Financial Management & MBA-Bordeaux-2022-2023


The overall experience was great. All the professors taught and gave very valuable knowledge and information regarding the master program international financial management. It will be for sure will be useful in my professional plan. I enjoyed very much the stay there - the administration and the staff were good people and helped me throughout the initial process of enrolling and until the end of my stay. Bordeaux is a very beautiful city and it is a good environment for foreign students to live and study. One month was a bit short and not enough for me to get the full experience of the city and the region. If i could - I would have stayed one or two months more. In the end and as conclusion i would recommend going to Bordeaux and studying in the university there. I would definitely come again if given the possibility


Simeon Dimitrov, 1st Year International Financial Management & MBA-Bordeaux- 2022-2023