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Пълна информация за приема на магистри във Философски факултет можете да намерите на http://ma.su-phls.info/

Master’s program: General Psychology in English
Duration of instruction: 3 semesters
Form of instruction: Part-time
Director: Assoc.Prof. Ludmilla Andreeva, PhD

Координатор: Левена Езекиева
е-mail: l.ezekieva@phls.uni-sofia.bg

Необходими документи:

Диплома за „бакалавър“ или „магистър след средно образование“ от акредитиран университет (по специалност, различна от психология!).
• Документ, доказващ владеене на английски език: TOEFL, IELTS, CPE, друг подобен сертификат, диплома от английска езикова гимназия или от английски университет.(предава се при подаване на документите)
• Curriculum Vitae на английски език (предава се при подаване на документите)
• Мотивационно писмо на английски език (макс. една страница, предава се при подаване на документите).

• Явяването на интервю е задължително. Интервюто се провежда по Skype. За целта, е необходимо кандидатът да впише Skype акаунта си във формуляра за кандидатстване и да е на разположение за интервюиране във времето, обявено за провеждане на изпити.




The MA in General Psychology is designed for students who wish to sample from a variety of psychological fields. The program is suitable for students with many different NON-psychological backgrounds and is designed for individuals who:


  • Already have a job in a non-psychology domain but need basic psychological knowledge in their work.
  • Hope to find career opportunities in areas related to psychology or want to broaden understanding of the field of psychology. (A master’s degree in psychology, with experience in understanding psychological research, is valued in many different employment settings such as human relations, marketing, advertising, management, arbitration, lobbying, education, business, and pastoral care.)
  • Intend to seek a doctoral degree in areas related to psychology but do not have adequate undergraduate training and understanding of psychological research. As part of the program, these students will gain psychological knowledge that fills the gaps in their basic training.


The core curriculum of the General Psychology MA program is designed to provide the entry-level graduate student with a solid grounding in the basic scientific foundations of psychology. Upon successfully completing the core curriculum, the M.A. candidate in General Psychology fulfills the remaining degree requirements by taking a minimum of five courses across a spectrum of substantive areas in general psychology, including gender roles, developmental psychology, cross-cultural psychology, communication skills, personality disorders and human services. Thus, although the M.A. program is a stand-alone program, it is nonetheless designed to provide a bridge into further educational and career development. It should be emphasized that the MA Program in General Psychology at Sofia University is a terminal degree. This MA program is NOT designed to meet the requirements for the counseling professions.


The graduates of the MA in General Psychology:


  • will have in-depth knowledge of current theoretical and methodological approaches and developments in the field of psychology;
  • will be able to think critically and methodologically sound about key issues in psychology;
  • will be able to conduct research in areas related to psychology;
  • will be equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is relevant to positions in education, business or research.


To qualify for the MA program in General Psychology, applicants should:


  • Have received a Bachelor degree (different from Psychology) with good results from a recognized university. The Examination Board of the MA program in General Psychology will judge the prior education.
  • Have a proof of proficiency in written and spoken English. This proof must be presented by submitting the results from either a TOEFL test (toefl.org), IELTS test (www.ielts.org), CPE (http://www.cambridgeesol.org/exams/cpe/index.html), or a comparable certificate, e.g. high school diploma from an English language school or a diploma from a university in an English speaking country.
  • Provide a curriculum vitae in English
  • Have a personal statement of motivation (max. 1800 characters without spaces) in English. It will be assessed for the applicant’s writing skills and their ability to make a presentation in writing, attention to detail, avoidance of grammar mistakes, spelling errors and typos, the depth of their interest, the aspects of personality they are willing to reveal in it.
  • Appear in an interview. The presentation of the applicant will be assessed as meeting or not meeting the requirements.


Applicants who successfully pass the interview will be ranked based on the GPA of their Bachelor studies.