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Let's Start the New Year off Strong


If you want to know how to get insight into users, build empathy and access them emotionally, save the date: January 8 at 11:00 am, Hall 400


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by Rebecca Zistel


These days we are receiving 11times more messages than we received in a single month some 15 years ago. How do we make sure our messages stand out amidst the noise? Since ancient times storytelling has been a powerful form of communication and behind fairy tales, fables and cartoons lie fundamental and timeless elements that give stories their power. Learn the structure that can be used to craft any story: the more you know why stories work, the better you will be able to create your own stories.


Rebecca Zistel is communications and marketing expert with ten years of international experience across Singapore, China, Germany, Bulgaria, Austria, India and the US. She is living and breathing out-of-the box thinking and brings passion, good ideas and expertise to her presentation.