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At the end of 2018, Two Sigma, a leading NY-based firm at the intersection of finance and technology, visited Bulgaria to announce a new opportunity to collaborate on research problems. Given the strength of our scientific community, Two Sigma is excited to offer paid, part-time, remote research engagements to talented scientists and students in Bulgaria through its online collaboration platform, AlphaStudio (https://alphastudio.com/).
As a follow up of the presentation done by David O'Mara (Managing Director at 2Sigma) in December, we are doing a meet-up open for anyone interested in data science, statistics, and technology to trading, finance, and real-life economic prediction problems.
You are invited to join us for wine or beer, some snack and a quick presentation of AlphaStudio from the guys in New York. You can also find out more about Two Sigma’s paid, part-time research opportunities, and ask the researchers at 2Sigma any finance, quant and trading questions you may have.
QClub will be open for us for a general discussion and informal chat. Special thanks to Questers for providing a venue and Data Science Society for supporting the meet-up.

Please respond "Going" to make sure you reserve a seat and a drink for you: